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~ Zola

Recruiter Series
A story in three parts about the flesh trade, talent recruitment in Capital City. Dawn is more than she seems, but the men in her world will tell her story.

Recruiter Series Part 1: Tiger Bun
He was just an innocent young man with the ambition to be a great designer until he was drawn into the seedy, dog-fuck-dog of BeneGood. Will he survive Dawn’s lusts?

Recruiter Series Part 2: Tiger Lord
It means everything to Ray to bring in Capital City’s best talent. He’ll do anything to get him on, including role-playing a robbery, having sex with women who don’t respect him and hiding the true self-destructive nature of a creative genius. Will it be enough?

Recruiter Series Part 3: Tiger Cage (Coming Soon!)
Call him Mr. Misery. What is his role in all of BeneGood’s reputation for turning out talent? Revenge or his way to stay on top?

Scrap Collector’s Secrets
A humble scrap collector keeps getting pulled into the sexy, lust-filled drama of what seemed like an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

The Scrap Collector’s Secrets: Karen
Karen was celebrating her leaving the neighborhood with some playtime with her friends – and Ray. How will Ray take it?

The Scrap Collector’s Secrets: Claire
Claire was disappointed with her husband and wanted some excitement with the village studs. Is Ray invited along – to watch or something more?

The Scrap Collector’s Secrets: Elle 
Elle lived in this gray world a little too long. How does a woman behave when she gets tried of it all and has a little fun?

The Scrap Collector’s Secrets: Harper 
Harper is the neighborhood bitch and tormentor. Does Ray have what it takes to stand up to her plans?