The Recruiter Series: Tiger Lord

The Recruiter Series: Tiger Lord

Ray’s obsession finding the best talent leads him to make rash choices in a city that commodities everyone. Read the exciting second book of “The Recruiter Series” fill in the missing chapters from “Tiger Bun” and go deep into the world of what Ray calls “the modern day skin trade.” 

“Wait -” 

I stood up. She didn’t move. Our bodies comically mashed together in the single theater seat. 

“Is he really ignoring you?” 

Her eyes blinked quickly. “Oh, you heard that?” 

My hand was on her waist.

She kissed me, hard, throwing her arms around my neck, the glass never leaving her hand. My arms wrap around her and scoop her to me. 

I feel her hand pull against my hair. She kisses me hungrily. Her breath, sour with too much alcohol, is hot against my face. 

“Oh god, you’re good, you’re good.” She whispers.

She pushes away. 

“I don’t give a fuck about it any of it, Ray. What a joke, what a  fucking lie – “ 

I cut her off and kissed her tenderly. Long and soft this time. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” she says whispers. Her eyes take in my mouth. My face. 

We kiss once more letting our mouths linger, our tongues sweep and explore. Our hands comforting and caressing one another. 

She pushes away a second time. 

“I wanted you to listen. Pay attention to me.” she says.

She pushes me away again, stumbling from between the chair and strides up the short aisle toward the screening room doors. 

My winning vote throws open the door.

“God, you’re fucking pitiful, Ray.” 

She throws open the door and sways out of the room.