Camilla: Part 4

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She lay there for a moment, exhausted and drunk from his passion. He leaned against her, his hand on the small of her back, his now flaccid cock, hanging and pressing against her reddened cheeks. They panted together.

Then, with some inaudible whispering, they collected themselves and walked away, into the darkness of the office at night, perhaps to go out, probably to – who knows.

Hnark and I ducked again. I refocused and could feel her hot breath fill our small hiding place. She realized she was still holding onto me, a handful of my shirt and skin in her manicured hands.

“We should go,” I said. “C’mon let’s go – “

“You’re so soft.” She said, releasing my arm, her breath was shallow, aroused. “I don’t want to work anymore. Do you want to get a drink?”