Camilla: Part 6

After a very long time, Ed will finally continue his journey of self-discovery. I am pleased and excited to continue telling you this story of a man and a woman and how things can get very out of control. Grazie and thank you for your patience. ~ Zola Read and please if you enjoy it […]

Camilla: Part 5

Read (and please rate) the entire series for free on Literotica! “Hey!” Ed smelled an expensive perfume that was a mix of sandalwood and roses. “Sorry. Excuse me, I tripped a little,” he fumbled. The woman he bumped into was a different color than the blues and greys of the late-night business crowd. She was […]

Camilla: Part 4

Read (and please rate and comment) on this free series on Literotica! She lay there for a moment, exhausted and drunk from his passion. He leaned against her, his hand on the small of her back, his now flaccid cock, hanging and pressing against her reddened cheeks. They panted together. Then, with some inaudible whispering, […]

Camilla: Part 2

read more of the enthralling series for free on Literotica Let me start by saying that being in my office at 9pm, squatting in front of my desk with my pencil skirt pulled up to my waist with my bare ass out and sucking this boy – loudly sucking this boy – was totally my […]