Camilla: Part 7

Read more about Ed’s spiral into his involvement with Camilla. Please read Parts 1 – 6 first! (or after). If you enjoy it, I’d welcome a star review!

I woke up the second time with Kata there and Camilla gone. The morning seemed like another dream. I seemed to be having so many lately. 

“Hello, Ed. You need to wash that gash on your forehead again.” She said after a minute glance over to me – then snapping back to the screen.

“Kata, trust your judgment. I’m not some college party boy or some career failure.”

“There’s no ‘us,’ Ed. Don’t ever fucking assume there is.”

She noticed her bra on the ground and tossed it to me.

“Here. The project is finished. Don’t fucking bother me again, you fucking boy. It’s all you ever wanted, anyway.”

But little did I know, this was the beginning of So. Much. More.