Camilla: Part 6

After a very long time, Ed will finally continue his journey of self-discovery. I am pleased and excited to continue telling you this story of a man and a woman and how things can get very out of control.

Grazie and thank you for your patience. ~ Zola

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This was not the bingo crowd.

The hard, fluorescent lights were off, leaving the room lit by the weak corridor light, announcing our arrival. The obtrusive beam reached a short way into the room before being swallowed by its darkness. Strewn across the floors were bed-sized risers of different heights. Dropped across them were hundreds of Persian rugs, every inch of the worn, tired floor was hidden from view. The different patterns of the rugs, varying from vibrant rose reds, turmeric oranges, and turquoise blues to deep chocolate browns, created a warm, sultry alien landscape that dipped and fell into the dark of the room.

Atop the risers, laying on the rugs, among ornate beaded pillows were naked and half-naked bodies. Light, caramel, brown, and dark skins. All deep into the presence of their single and multiple partners with them. Some intensely kissing their partners, one mouth, then another. Others were whispering, languidly caressing naked skin with the tips of perfectly manicured fingernails. There were couples, triples, and crowds.

No, not the bingo crowd.

The doors closed behind us, cutting off the light from the hall and leaving us in its belly.